KibiMóvil by IMPULSO


The SOFIPO IMPULSO set the goal of being the first in its field to try to become 100% digital.

KibiMovil is a project born out of the need for a Mexican SOFIPO to evolve to the “next level”. The SOFIPO IMPULSO set the goal of being the first in its field to try to become 100% digital. What do we mean by this? A SOFIPO without branches, executives, ATMs, or in short, without any physical infrastructure they are usually accompanied by.

Do you consider it easy to achieve? Broadly speaking this involves very important changes at the technical, cultural and effort level regarding change management, which has to be accompanied and oriented to the regulatory compliance stipulated by the National Commission of Banks and Securities (CNBV). 

In addition to the time considerations that always exist in projects, in this case we were asked to achieve the goal in a record time of ten days. Within those ten days, the goal was to launch one of the existing digital banking web fronts in the 101OBeX toolkit with the financial institution.

What was achieved?

The end customer had different ways of registering and had banking functionalities through digital channels at their fingertips. 

More specifically, today the customer can register, view their account balances, make money transfers, money requests, remittances and cashier withdrawals without a physical card, all through a web channel or app and SMS.

Through the web site and app you can also make SPEIs, transfer money between your own accounts, link bank cards (credit/debit) and make payments for services and airtime top-ups.

All of this considers the client’s peace of mind, as they can review their movements at all times, in addition to downloading them for better control of their finances. 

Finally, it is important to note from the aforementioned, that everything was done over the course of ten days thanks to the APIs of 101OBeX and better yet, always committed to financial inclusion, bringing products and services to sectors experiencing difficulty in access to such services, which highlights the importance of the SMS channel in certain sectors of the population.

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